Name Necklaces Collection

Name Necklaces

Each custom name necklace is truly unique to you—handmade to order from the highest quality materials. Wide selection from name plates to signature fonts and more.
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Carry your personalised chain with a name, nickname, or even a name of a significant other. Capture your personality with the trend that will never go out of style. Choose from fresh, on-trend designs and timeless classics. We have it all from chokers and name plates to cursive fonts and foreign language scripts.

Are name necklaces in style?

Name necklaces are timeless accessories. They’re daily staples that never go out of style. But what’s great about them is that they’re also versatile, which means they can exude different fashion personalities from classic to trendy. Our collection of name necklaces has styles that go from minimalist and elegant to dainty and edgy. But just because they’re called name necklaces doesn’t mean you’re limited to customising them with just names. Personalise them with a slang word, for an instantly trendy feel.

What do name necklaces mean?

If you want a jewellery piece that allows you to easily express yourself, a name necklace will be perfect for you. These necklaces feature names or words as pendants, so they offer a straightforward way of capturing the message/s you wish to convey through fashion. It can be your name, nickname, or your significant other’s name. It may also be an inspiring word. And if you want a sense of mystery, you may also have the text fashioned in a foreign language like Arabic or Chinese. Nothing feels more personal than a name necklace, and it’s one of the most thoughtful gifts ever.

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