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How About A Name Necklace in Another Language?

Take a look around the streets and you are sure to see people wearing a name necklace. Whether they are wearing their name, someone else’s name, a nickname, or an inspirational word, everyone is rocking this fabulous fashion trend. But rather than getting a name necklace in English, have you ever thought about a personalised your name in another language? You can wear a name necklace in Greek, Hindi, or even Japanese! Have you ever thought about getting an Arabic name necklace? We have that available as well! Get your name in any language from anywhere around the world!

Translating Your Name into another Language!

Not everyone knows how to write a name or a word in another language. That is okay. At MYKA we don’t expect everyone to know the translation. Never be afraid to order a name necklace in a different language because we can translate it for you. ? All you need to do is type the name or word you want into the box when ordering, and we will take care of the translation. You can also send us a message prior to your purchase to get the translation.

Do you want to express yourself in a whole new way? Do you want people to ask what your necklace means? Then do not wait and order your foreign language name necklace right now! You can choose a language that you know, a place you visited, or a country where you have ancestral ties. Whatever you want!

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