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The sweet and magical accessories of kids name necklaces. Beautiful selection of necklaces for girls, boys, toddles and babies.
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Kids necklace with names are adorable and charming accessories that celebrate the uniqueness of children. Whether it's a toddler, baby girl, or little princess, these kids name plate necklaces add a touch of sweetness to their outfits. Let's explore the world of kids necklaces along with enchanting unicorn, rainbow, and princess variations that little girls love. Kids Name Necklaces - Delicate and dainty, kids name necklaces are customised with a child's name, making them special keepsakes. These lovely accessories capture the essence of childhood and serve as reminders of their individuality and the love they receive. Kids name necklaces are sweet and magical accessories that celebrate a child's individuality.

What’s the most popular name necklace amongst girls?

Definitely unicorn necklaces! Unicorns hold a magical allure for young girls. Unicorn necklaces often feature pendants adorned with colorful gems, adding enchantment to any outfit. A unicorn name necklace combines a child's name with the whimsy of these mythical creatures. Delicate and dainty, kids name necklaces are customized with a child's name, making them special keepsakes.

How to choose the necklace chain lenght according to the kids age?

For younger children between ages 3 to 6, shorter chain lengths, such as 35cm, are recommended to ensure a comfortable fit and prevent any potential hazards. As kids grow older (6+ years), longer chain lengths, such as 40 inches, may be more suitable.

Whats appropriate age for kids to start wearing necklace?

We recommend a minimum age of 3 years for wearing necklaces to ensure safety. For children younger than 3 or older, it is advised to remove the necklace at night to prevent any potential entanglement or harm.

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