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Our personalised rings collection makes fine jewellery even more meaningful. Find a statement piece or the perfect stacking set.
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Ring it on! There is no wrong way to wear your MYKA engraved rings, so why not where them all at once? Create your own ring stack with pieces with meaning as they can be personalised how ever you please-whether the initials of your partner, or the birthdate of your child, create a look that is yours and yours only.
Interested in learning how to measure your ring size? Check out our ring size guide.

How can you personalise a ring at MYKA?

You can personalise a ring to make it a special and meaningful keepsake by adding an engraving, choosing birthstone and different metal. In some rings you are able to add multiple engravings. Personalised rings allow for a unique touch by adding custom engravings, names, or meaningful messages. You can personalise rings, such as a personalised gold ring or a personalised silver ring, to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery. Personalised rings for her are popular gifts, offering a personal and sentimental touch to show your love and appreciation.

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