Linda Circle Pendant Necklace with Leaf And Custom Beads in 18K Gold Plating

1 bead
  • 1 bead
  • 2 beads (+ €5)
  • 3 beads (+ €10)
  • 4 beads (+ €15)
  • 5 beads (+ €20)
Heart and clear stone
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  • Heart and clear stone
  • Leaf and clear stone
  • Leaf and green stone
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  • Yes (+ €15)
40 cm + 5 cm
  • 40 cm + 5 cm
  • 45 cm + 5 cm - Most popular
  • 55 cm + 5 cm

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Classic gift kit

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  • Great for yourself or as part of a gift!
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Bobble Chain in gold Plating

Bobble Chain in gold Plating

  • 45cm+5cm
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The Linda necklace was designed to symbolize an everlasting circle. In Spanish and Portuguese, Linda means ‘beautiful’. A woman is the utmost symbolization of beauty as she is a full circle- she is able to transform, create, and nurture. This alluring piece includes four round beads, which be customised however one pleases. As well, the necklace is adorned with a dangling leaf charm and a green stone. Green symbolizes balance, freedom, and optimism. One has the option to choose a clear stone as well. The clear stone is known as ‘the master healer’, it channels any energy possible, leaving one feeling re-energised and happy. Other features include:

  • Made of 18ct Gold Plating  
  • 1 to 5 customised beads 
  • 1 name or word per bead 
  • Optional addition of stone and leaf charms 


Modern contemporary touches with a trendy feel, this necklace is the just the right way to celebrate her loved ones or words of meaning, making a perfect essential to her everyday style.  


This necklace is also available in 18ct Rose Gold Plating, Sterling Silver, and 18ct Gold Vermeil. Be sure to visit our full collection for other mum necklaces with children’s names to discover unique pieces for every mum!

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  • Can I add additional charms to my necklace (like a MUM charm or a heart-shaped charm)?
    Yes. Simply pick any charm from this list , and add it to your cart when you place your order. We'll add it onto to your necklace when we make it.
    Can I order this necklace with a different Coloured stone?
    Unfortunately, at the moment, we're only offering this necklace with a green or a clear Coloured stone.
    Can I add more beads to this necklace?
    Yes. This version of the Linda necklace can hold up to 12 beads. The Large Linda necklace can hold up to 15 beads.
    Can I get the beads and necklace in different materials (for example, a gold necklace with silver beads)?
    When you order your Linda necklace, the beads are automatically added in the same material. However, you can order additional beads in another material separately through this link.
    Can I have the beads engraved in a different font?
    Unfortunately, no. The Linda necklace beads are always engraved in the pictured all-caps font.
    What's the difference between gold plating, gold vermeil and solid gold?
    Gold plating is a coat of 18ct gold over 925 sterling silver. Gold vermeil uses a similar technique but contains 5 times more gold than regular gold plated pieces. This makes it a high-quality, durable, and affordable alternative to solid gold pieces. However, if you're planning on wearing your piece 24/7, or taking it to the beach or swimming pool, we recommend choosing the solid gold option.
    Can I make any special requests when I order? (Like an extra character, a different chain length, an extra capital letter, etc.)
    Sure! We do our best to accommodate any special request. Simply reach out to us via chat or email. One of our customer service experts will be happy to look into it for you.
    Does my item come with a warranty? ​​
    Yes. We want to make sure you'll enjoy your beautiful jewellery for years to come. That's why all of our items include a 2-year warranty.

    You also have the option to upgrade to MYKA’s new Jewellery Care Plan, including an extended 5-years Jewellery protection and more services promising to maintain your satisfaction for years to come. Please note, in all cases, our jewellery care plans or warranty does not cover lost or stolen items.
    I may want to add more names or initials in the future. Would that be possible?
    Yes. When you place your order, visit the ADD FUTURE ENGRAVINGS page and add it to your cart. This will give you the option of adding up to 2 new engravings or inscriptions over the next 2 years.
    Please note, these questions are relevant only for this item.
    Read about our Kids Safety policy.
    For more information, feel free to Email us with any special requests or questions.
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  • Chain Type
    Cable Chain
  • Chain Length
    35 cm / 40 cm / 45 cm / 50 cm / 55 cm
  • Style / Collection
    Discs Collection
  • Pendant Measurements
    24.89mm x 28.96mm
  • Pendant Thickness
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MYKA by My Name Necklace
MYKA by My Name Necklace
MYKA by My Name Necklace
MYKA by My Name Necklace
MYKA by My Name Necklace
MYKA by My Name Necklace
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  • L
    Louann R.
    Hummelstown, United States
    February 2023
    Verified Buyer
    Love it. Got to give as xmas present.
  • B
    Barbara L.
    Macon, United States
    January 2023
    Verified Buyer
    Beautiful gift. I purchased for my daughter's birthday with her grandchildren names on beads.
  • N
    Norma L.
    Lindenhurst, United States
    January 2023
    Verified Buyer
    Love it. MYKA , replaced my jewelry as soon as possible. Thank you
  • T
    Tegan B.
    EAGLEBY, Australia
    January 2023
    Verified Buyer
    Lovely pendant necklace. The recipient loved it.
  • A
    Andrew F.
    Brisbane, Australia
    January 2023
    Verified Buyer
    Gift for my wife, came out really nice, just as advertised.
  • T
    Tracy R.
    Oroville, United States
    December 2022
    Verified Buyer
    Very beautiful exactly what I wanted
  • C
    Cody M.
    New Braunfels, United States
    December 2022
    Verified Buyer
    I love this necklace! Personalized but still simple and pretty!
  • G
    Gary W.
    Bellefontaine, United States
    December 2022
    Verified Buyer
    First off I paid for quick shipping to have it before Christmas and didn’t get it until today. Even though it was supposed to be delivered on Thursday before the storm even came through on Friday night. I check it out when it shows up and you need a magnifying glass to see the names. So I guess you can say I won’t be buying anything from you again.
  • J
    Jon G.
    Ilkley, United Kingdom
    December 2022
    Verified Buyer
    Brought my wife to tears on Christmas morning. Thanks
  • C
    Craig M.
    Kirkliston, United Kingdom
    December 2022
    Verified Buyer
    Wife loved it and was quick in coming highly recommended
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