At our core, we are a dynamic and creative team, passionate about design, fashion, and celebrating the remarkable moments that shape our lives.

We believe every individual carries within them a beautiful narrative yearning to be shared, and a distinct essence longing to be expressed. Since 2006 we have been designing meaningful, one-of-a-kind jewelry, unique and magnificent as the people who wear it.

Celebrate life's highlights with MYKA.
Handcrafted QualityWe are incredibly proud that our jewelry is designed and produced in-house by a fantastic team of experts. This high level of craftsmanship grants us the ultimate creative freedom to create unique pieces. Each piece we craft is carefully handcrafted from high-quality, recycled metals. Our precious and semi-precious stones are ethically sourced and sustainably made, and all of our diamonds are lab-grown to avoid exploitative and environmentally damaging mining practices.
For Everyone, For Every OccasionMYKA jewelry is designed to be personalized. We want you to take our designs and really make them your own. Whether it's a name necklace to express yourself or a gift for a parent engraved with the names of their children,we offer something special for everyone. The concept of 'Meaningful' is not a passing trend—it stands the test of time. Our jewelry is versatile, timeless, and made to last. With a dedication to fair pricing, our mission is to make fine, one-of-a-kind jewelry accessible to all.
Where it all began MYKA was founded in 2006 to encapsulate special moments in personalized and unique jewelry. Although we started as a small team, some faith and relentless determination have shaped us into what you see today. An internationally recognised jewelry brand with over 7M satisfied customers. A team of over 600 people—proudly 67% of us are female, and we came together from all corners of the world. A social community of over 7M followers and subscribers.
Community Our customers are the driving force behind everything we do. Your stories inspire us, and your passion moves us. Our utmost priority is celebrating your special moments and fostering a sense of community. Join us in this journey by following us on social media, tagging us in your pictures, or subscribing to our newsletters. Feel free to get in touch with any further questions, comments or concerns.