Custom Ankle Bracelets

MYKA's custom anklets collection offers beautiful designs with chains, beads, pearls, birthstones & more! Accent your ankle with a custom anklet with name embodying confidence and style.
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This minimal accessory that adds high impact to any outfit is the ultimate addition.Discover our vast selection of anklets such as name and initial anklets in which you may customize with a name or initial. Or explore a birthstone or delicate anklet; divine to combine with any outfit. Find your unique piece that will complement your personal style.

What type of anklets is perfect for summer?

When it comes to anklets for this season, the simple, delicate styles look the hottest like anklets with intial. After all, ankles are among the sexiest parts of a woman’s body, and it only takes a soft, feminine touch to accentuate one. We highly recommend dainty anklet chains in gold or silver, punctuated by one or two charm/s, pendant/s, and even a birthstone. These go well with sandals and espadrilles and lend a nice balance to summer dresses.

Which ankle does a woman wear an anklet?

In the same way that there’s a rule for wearing a ring depending on one’s civil status, traditionally, there were beliefs on following a similar style with anklets. The positioning came with significance and meaning, especially to specific cultures. Some take it as a form of a charm, while some use it to indicate their relationship status. Should it be on the right or left ankle, or may they be worn on both? Today, the decision is ultimately up to the wearer, whatever she’s comfortable with, and whether the anklet/s match her outfit.

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