Birthstone Necklaces

Personalized Birthstone Jewelry

Our custom Birthstone Jewelry Collection features colorful gems that represent you in the chicest way, combined with a variety of designs that is proudly MYKA.
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Honor the woman in your life with our collection of birthstone jewelry for mom and birthstone jewelry for grandma. Each piece is crafted using the finest materials, so you can enjoy wearing them for a long time.

Are birthstones still popular?

Of course! Birthstones can be a part of your identity, and having them in a piece of jewelry is a stylish way to express yourself.

How many birthstones can you have?

What we love about our custom birthstone jewelry is that you can customize it with as many birthstones as you wish! Whether it's your birthstone or a loved one's or you simply love all the colors, we can make it happen.

What are the birthstones by months?

Are you looking for birthstone jewelry for mom or birthstone jewelry for grandma? We got you. But before you customize, here's a quick guide on all the birthstones by month:
  1. ✦ January - Garnet
  2. ✦ February - Amethyst
  3. ✦ March - Aquamarine, Bloodstone
  4. ✦ April - Diamond
  5. ✦ May - Emerald
  6. ✦ June - Pearl
  7. ✦ July - Ruby
  8. ✦ August - Peridot
  9. ✦ September - Sapphire
  10. ✦ October - Opal
  11. ✦ November - Topaz
  12. ✦ December - Turquoise
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