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Make an impression by personalizing your own name bracelet.
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A perfect essential for your daily wardrobe, this piece is just the right finish for your signature style. Choose to wear a bracelet with your name, as it represents your own curated style and personality. Emphasize your look by selecting an inspiring and powerful treasure from our extensive custom name bracelet collection. Smoothly fitting over the natural arc of your wrist, choose from gold, nameplates, and more.

What are the types of name bracelets?

Name bracelets come in a wide array of styles. The names are presented in a bunch of ways, from the fonts to the positioning of the texts. Some of the personalized inscriptions come in pendant or charm forms, while some are engraved on bars or nameplates. The materials vary, too: 925 Sterling Silver, 18k Gold Plating, 18k Rose Gold Plating, 18k Gold Vermeil, and even leather and cord.

How to choose a name for a name bracelet?

It all depends on your purpose or goal for buying. If this is your first-ever name bracelet, then the best option is your name. If you’re giving it to someone, then it just makes sense to have your recipient's name highlighted through the bracelet’s engraving. If it’s for a mom, she’ll appreciate seeing her child’s name on it; similarly, if it’s for a pet parent, then how unique would it be for her bracelet to be engraved with her fur baby’s name?!

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