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Find the engraved necklaces that fixes you better. Choose between silver, gold and rose gold necklaces with unique engraved made by yourself.
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Engraved Jewellery is a timeless yet fashion-forward trend that everyone will wear for years to come. What makes it a coveted piece is you can make it yours by engraving a name, word, or a special date. Layer it on or let it shine on its own—either way, your MYKA necklace with engraving is ready to be the center of attention.

Which Necklaces are the best for engraving?

Our pendant necklaces are great for engraving. For example, the Custom 3D Bar Necklace features a dainty pillar pendant that you can engrave with up to 4 inscriptions. There's an endless selection of customized Jewellery here at MYKA — Just take your time in choosing the best one that fits you & your beloved ones style!

What should you put on an engraving?

Our custom Jewellery exists so that customers can express their personality in the most stylish way possible. You can put your name, your S.O.'s, your favorite word, a special date, and so on! Be as creative as you want. When your ready, it only takes a few more steps before you get your personalised MYKA piece.

Which font types of engraving are the most popular?

Delicate Script and Roman fonts are among the most popular engraving styles. Both give an elegant and modern feel to any inscription, whether it's your name, a date, an inspiring word, or even just a single letter.
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