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Paperclip chain necklaces are most exciting chains in the market. Paperclip chains layer beautifully with other necklaces and will also make it's own statement by wearing it solo. Be part of the paperclip look!
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What does the paperclip necklace mean?

Paperclip necklace is a chain with small paper clip style chains strung together. You probably didn't know that the paperclip necklace represented unity and symbolized resistance during WWII. Back in the day Coco Chanel made paperclip chain famous as we know it and love them today.

Are paperclip necklaces in style 2023?

Yes - total trend alert! Paperclip chain necklaces one of our most sold items at MYKA in 2023 and it keeps being the must-have of the season. It's easy to wear with other necklaces or by it's own - giving it versitility. Paperclip necklaces with pendant gives a true statement. At MYKA you can personalize your own paperclip necklaces.

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