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Mother's rings & Family Rings

Classic yet contemporary rings that symbolize that family is the gift that lasts forever, and that mom is a blessing that no one can ever replace.
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From Mother’s Day to even Christmas, discover unique personalized family rings that are the perfect gift for mom. Give her the gift that represents family, as each piece can be personalized with her family’s most joyful and cherished moments. Discover stackable rings, as well as birthstone rings with 2 stones up to as many as five birthstones. To learn how to measure your ring size, take a look at our ring size guide.

What is the purpose of a mother’s ring?

Rings are significant, especially in relationships, and it symbolizes wholeness, infinity, and eternity above all else. For a mother, her children are her greatest source of pride. And she’ll appreciate whichever way she can express her love for them or showcase how proud she is to be their mom. A mother’s ring presents a stylish, elegant way to do that exactly. When personalized, small as it may be, it lends a heartwarming touch to an outfit that’s too remarkable to pass up.

What types of mother rings can you find on MYKA?

The ring designs go from minimalist and elegant to bold and edgy. The materials range from silver and sterling silver to gold and rose gold plating to gold vermeil and yellow gold. Some are crafted as thick bands, while others are thinner and meant for stacking. We have criss-cross and interlocking options and square, wavy, and block name styles. They may be personalized with the mothers’ and her kids’ names. Some designs feature birthstones, while some can be customized by choosing a memorable date in a roman numeral.

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