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Watches for men

Custom Watches for Men

Explore the Custom Men's Watch Collection: men's engraved watches in which some may be engraved that are timeless, yet contemporary timepieces made for every moment.

Custom watches for men from minimalist watches and day date watches to chronograph watches, in which some have the option of personalization. Each watch is functional, innovative, and designed to bring many years of pleasure, as they are made from a high standard of watchmaking craftsmanship. With a variety of designs, some which may be customized by you, all are stand-out as pieces that set the bar high.

How to Customise a watch at MYKA?

At MYKA, you can customize a watch with a meaningful message, thereby transforming a classic timepiece into a one-of-a-kind accessory that reflects the wearer's unique style and sentimentality.

What to engrave on a watch?

'Stuck with me til the end of time. Olivia',
'Our story is my favorite. Tara',
'I choose you. Every time. Alex',
'Every second I love you more. Mia'

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