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The sideways cross necklace is our best seller and stylish jewelry piece that adds a modern twist to the traditional cross symbol.

The Meaning of the Sideways Cross Necklace

The sideways cross necklace is a current trend in religious jewelry that is appearing everywhere and amongst many celebrities. There is no clear definition of the meaning of the sideways cross, there are many different interpretations, but it is a very popular contemporary trend. At MYKA discover a vast collection of sideways cross jewelry including necklaces that will allow you to wear a powerful symbol and make a statement.

Nordic Meaning

In Nordic countries, the sideways cross is referred to as the Nordic Cross. It is found on the flags of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, and originated in Denmark. Legend says that the flag was given to Denmark in 1219. During the battle of Lyndanisse, it was rumored that the flag fell from the sky. It is believed that the flag was a sign from God in favor of the Danish forces who later won the battle. Wear this symbol of honor, patriotism, and Christianity, with the Sideways Cross Bracelet. It is the perfect piece to match with your everyday wardrobe and it makes for a timeless accessory.

Religious Meaning

Many people consider the sideways cross to be a symbol of Jesus achieving salvation of his people. When his work was finished, the cross had been laid down, and he no longer had to carry the weight of the cross. Others believe that the cross symbolizes one's choice to accept God and his teachings. Some also believe it is a symbol of earth lying between Heaven and Hell, representing the struggle of humanity to live according to the word of God. Carry a spiritual yet chic piece with the Side Cross Necklace in Sterling Silver, a contemporary twist to the classic cross necklace.

A Fashion Trend

To some, the sideways cross is simply a fashion trend. The upright cross has been a trend used in fashion for many years, while the sideways cross is a new trend over the past few years. Worn by many celebrities, the sideways cross is a sacred yet stylish piece to wear. The 18K Gold Plated, Silver Engraved Side Cross Necklace makes a bold statement and can be customized with a name or words that have personal meaning.

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