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Other Languages Name Necklaces

Welcome to the Worldwide Name Necklace Collection in which you can find your name in a vast variety of different languages. Discover Korean name necklaces, Turkish name necklaces, and more.
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Create a Name Necklace in Different Languages

Name necklaces: the jewelry trend that will never go out of style. Whether you decide to carry your name, nickname, an inspirational word, or even a name of a significant other, match this impactful piece of jewelry with any of your daily looks. But, sometimes it can be interesting to take a different approach and play with name necklaces of different languages! At MYKA, we have an extensive collection of foreign language name necklaces that are available in any language that is desired!

Tell Your Story

Personalized jewelry allows you to tell your story. A perfect essential trending back to the eighties, it was Carrie from the television comedy-drama series, Sex and the City, who really created the raised buzz towards the trend. As many individuals looked at Carrie as a fashion icon, many were impacted to wear their own customized name necklace.

Make It Special

Choose a language that grabs your attention, whether it is a country you have visited, where you have ancestral ties, or simply if the language speaks to you. Stand out from the crowd as you will be wearing a different piece that others may ask what the meaning behind it is. Choose an Hebrew name necklace from our fabulous collections!

The Gift That Lasts Forever

We create custom personalized jewelry in order for one to curate their own story and capture their personality effortlessly. With a vast variety of foreign name necklaces to choose from, choose from our Small ‘Carrie’ Style Name Necklace, Script Name Necklace, or Personalized Cursive Name Necklace, just to name a few.

Worthy Of Everyday Wear

This necklace can be customized in any way you please. You may personalize the small and big disc with words or names of your liking. This piece symbolizes that Mom’s family is a circle of strength and love; with every birth and every union the Circle of Love grows, every moment and memory created together, only makes the circle stronger.
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