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Personalized Name Rings

Make a fine statement with our custom name rings - including script name designs with 1-3 names, rings with engraved names or dates, customized birthstones & much more.
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When it comes to style and self-expression, never go wrong with our variety of personalized rings. From classy name rings to a diamond-encrusted ring with a name on it, each piece is designed to be unique and a perfect fit for you. Let your individuality shine through with a statement ring, or let someone know how much you care by getting them their own.

How can I put my name on ring?

On the product page, you will see an inscription box where you can put the name or initial you want for your custom ring. As long as you follow the maximum character count for each inscription, personalizing your new MYKA piece is as easy as 1-2-3!

What's the difference between name ring to engraved ring with name?

Our name rings are molded into delicate script fonts, giving a kind of 3D look. On the other hand, our engraved name rings use lines that are cut into the metal (silver, 14k gold, etc.), revealing your chosen inscription.

Name Ring VS Engraved Ring - Which ring is trendier?

Both rings have different appeals, but if you're looking for statement-making jewelry, name rings are the way to go. If you want something that's classy but still modern, our engraved rings are a fine choice! Whichever you choose, your new MYKA piece will definitely elevate any outfit you wear.
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