Carrie Name Necklaces

Carrie Name Jewelry & Necklaces

Create your own Carrie style name necklace, a piece that speaks for itself.

Our story began with the vision of personal expression. We were looking for jewelry that was outside-of-the-box; jewelry that created a narrative and reflected one’s personality. Our first jewelry piece began with our Carrie Necklace, inspired by the iconic Sex and the City television show. We were captivated how a piece can complement and capture someone’s personality and style so effortlessly.

Where is the Carrie necklace from?

If the name rings a bell, it’s because it was inspired by actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s iconic character from a classic drama series: the ultra stylish Carrie Bradshaw, who wore a name necklace as a staple in Sex and the City. It’s because of this that the name necklace was catapulted into iconic status. It’s an effortlessly stylish piece, and we love how it captures someone’s personality so easily. This is why, fun fact, our first jewelry piece is the Carrie necklace.

What font is the Carrie necklace?

The Carrie necklace features a name in a stunning script font that’s romantic and elegant. The letters’ curves lend the piece an unmistakably feminine flair.

Why is the Carrie necklace still popular/trendy?

The Carrie necklace remains popular and trendy today because it was inspired by a classic. Many years may have passed since Carrie Bradshaw popularized this necklace style, but it has a trend-defying design so it isn’t hard to reimagine and sport it for the modern day.

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