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The couples necklace collection is the epitome of romance.
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Personalized necklaces to share between you and your loved one celebrating the special bond between you. Choose a necklace that is available to customize with both of your names or a unique option of his and her necklaces- two necklaces that fit together- such as a broken hearts, puzzle pieces, or even a ying-yang symbol, available to engrave with whatever you desire. Wear the look of love and keep your beloved close to your heart.

In what ways can my partner and I sport a matching couple necklace?

Couple necklaces are a thing! And if you and your partner haven’t tried this yet, it’s high time you do! Wearing them is one of the best ways to express your love for each other一subtle yet powerful at the same time. We have necklace sets where the heart pendant is broken into two: one for you, one for him, and each side may be engraved with the other’s name. Other sets feature engravable pendants like yin yang, puzzle keys, and bars. We also have designs with love icons like overlapping hearts and infinity symbols that you can buy separately. Make these necklaces your common denominator by personalizing them with the same engravings一and for a twist, his version may be in silver and yours in gold.

What should I have engraved on couple necklaces?

The most common engravings are the couple’s names. Your version of the necklace may have his name engraved on it, while his piece has your name on it. You may also opt to have your necklaces engraved with both of your initials or names. Depending on the space a necklace’s pendant allows for, you may have additional engravings of your anniversary or wedding date. Your term of endearment could also be an option. We even have a few styles that let you engrave a short, romantic phrase or sentence. You may also consider this as a set of friendship necklaces; get one for yourself and treat your best gal pal to one, too!

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