Add Future Engravings to Your Jewelry

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The Add Future Engravings to Your Jewelry is available for all our jewels in silver*, gold plated* and vermeil*.
Please contact us when wanting to add your engraving in which we will ask you to send back your jewellery piece, we will add the additional engraving and send it back to you within 20 days.

 It covers:
_Adding up to 2 engravings.
- All Standard Warranty Conditions:
- Damaged Pendant
- Damaged Chain
- Stone Repair: replacement or fixes
- Tarnished jewellery
- Not including lost or stolen cases

* excluding jewels with diamond


  • When you’ll want to add an engraving or charm to your jewel and enjoy your Family Pack benefits, please contact our customer service here.
  • Please contact us stating that you would like to use your Family Pack.
  • Let us know the inscription(s) you want to add to your jewelry and shipping details (name and address).
  • If we can send separate charms, pendants that you may add to your jewel easily, we will send only the extra charm / pendant OR If we need to add an engraving, our agent will ask you to send us back your jewelry using a return label that will be sent to you, in which we will clean your jewel, add the additional(s) engraving(s) and send it back to you within 20 days.

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5out of 5
Based on 5 reviews
  • Tehreen E., Sydney, Australia
    Verified Buyer

    A great option to add any future engravings.

  • Alex S., Charlotte, United States
    Verified Buyer

    Love it

  • Ashley W., Tahlequah, United States
    Verified Buyer

    Yes! Beautiful bracelet to treasure for a lifetime!

  • Fredericka M., Reading, United States
    Verified Buyer

  • Stefanie R., Harrison, United States
    Verified Buyer