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Personalised mother jewellery is the perfect way to treasure her. These classic mum necklaces allow you to engrave multiple names into the best quality materials.
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Fill mum’s day with love with a personalised necklace that can be customised with anything from birthstones to children names, a gift that symbolizes that together we have it all. For your first friend, best friend, forever friend, our mother necklace collection has the most meaningful pieces that she can wear and cherish for many years to come.

Why is a necklace the perfect gift for Mum?

Special occasions call for unique gifts, and a necklace is such a precious, thoughtful choice, especially for mums. It can take on various meanings depending on the pendant/s it comes with, ultimately allowing one to express the sincerest feelings for the recipient. At MYKA, we have a wide array of customisable necklaces for mums that represent family and may be personalised with her name, the names of her children, and even their birthstones. These make for perfect gifts for mums because they serve as constant reminders of the most influential people in her life一plus, she can wear them anytime, anywhere!

What should I engrave on my mum’s necklace?

We specialize in custom jewellery, so we’ve made sure to give you lots of personalisation options. If your mum is a minimalist, it’ll be thoughtful to offer her a necklace that features her initial/s. We have different creative iterations for “mum” engravings if you want something straightforward. Another perfect choice would be her children’s names matched with birthstones for some designs. You could also use the necklace to boost her confidence by having motivational words or a short message or description一like “best mum ever”一engraved on it.

What are the 3 most common mothers Day gifts?

1. Flowers:

A timeless and universal symbol of appreciation and love, flowers are one of the most popular gifts for Mother's Day. Whether it's a bouquet of her favorite blooms, flowers have a special way of expressing feelings that words cannot.

2. Chocolate/Sweets:

Another classic choice, chocolates or various sweets cater to those mothers with a sweet tooth. They are a way to indulge and pamper her, making her feel special and cherished.

3. Jewellery:

Jewellery is a more lasting and sentimental gift, often chosen to signify the deep appreciation and emotional bond between giver and mom. Celebrate the unique connection with your mother.

These gifts are cherished not just for their material value but for the thoughtfulness and love they represent, making Mother's Day a memorable occasion.

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