Jewellery Care

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MYKA Jewellery Care

It is key to take proper care of your jewellery pieces from AM to PM. Remember to: Jewellery should be the last thing you put on after your morning routine. Apply make-up, perfumes, and deodorant first so they do not affect your jewellery. As well, put your clothes on first so they do not catch on your jewellery.

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How to Clean Your Jewelry

How to Clean Your Jewellery

Over time, factors may cause your jewellery may lose their shine, if not properly taken care of. Rather than allowing your jewels to simply sit in your jewellery box, never to be worn, there are many ways to polish your collections on your own. Discover how to take care of your jewellery with these easy at-home tips! Keep your jewellery as beautiful and glimmering as the day you purchased it.

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