Gold Name Necklaces

Go bold with gold with our custom gold name necklaces and name chains collection in 10K or 14K solid gold.
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Valuable and durable, explore a collection that embodies the modern, yet classic appeal. Discover our expansive solid gold collection, choosing from gold name necklaces. Pieces available in 10k and 14k, white or yellow gold; from exquisite embellishments to a fresh, fashion-forward approach, the gold chain collection will leave you looking ever so elegant.

MYKA's solid gold chain necklaces with name are made from real gold. We offer 14k yellow gold, which is the most common usage for jewellery, and 10K gold which is still real gold but is the least pure and therefore more affordable.

Is a gold name necklace a good gift?

Yes! Not only is it timelessly stylish, but it’s also universally flattering and meaningful, too! A standard gold necklace is in itself a great gift一a luxurious piece that can instantly elevate an outfit. But add the customizable element of gold name necklaces, then your recipient will get a classic piece of jewellery that was made especially for her, and is something she’ll surely cherish for years.

What types of gold name necklaces can I find on MYKA?

In terms of design, it’s certainly not an exaggeration to say that the options are pretty limitless. You can customize the gold necklaces with name or nickname, a loved one’s name, a word that has a special meaning, or even a mantra. There are several available fonts: cursive, signature-style, old English-style, and Arabic. Some are designed with accents like a birthstone, butterfly, or heart. You will also enjoy shopping more with the material options we present: 10k, 14k white, or yellow gold.

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