Mother’s Day Jewellery Gifts

A gift for mum with personalised Mother’s Day Jewellery & necklaces - A perfect way to show how much you love and appreciate the mum’s in your life.
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People ask us...

Is jewelry a good Mother’s Day gift?

Absolutely! Aside from baked treats, which are also popular Mother’s Day gifts, a mothers day necklace is a go-to choice that’s bang for the buck. It may be more expensive than other gifts, but it’s going to be worth spending on it once you see the smile on your mum’s face. What’s more, at My Name Necklace, we pride ourselves in making gifting personal. So, if it’s a customized jewelry, your mum will definitely appreciate the present more.

What should I write in my Mum’s necklace?

Since a personalized Mother’s Day necklace is a gift that’s meant to honor a mum and what a superwoman she is, the best idea is to have a necklace personalized with her name or initials. If there’s more space, put her birthday and/or zodiac sign, too. But since mothers are known for being selfless, it’d also be nice to pay tribute to her by giving her a Mother’s Day necklace with names that showcase her name alongside her children’s names. For a heartwarming touch that might even bring her to tears, choose inspirational words that encapsulate what she means to you. Queen, warrior, hero, fighter, supermum, or best mum ever一be creative!

A Heart Reflecting Mother's Love

The Circle of Life

Diamonds That Tell Mum's Story

Timeless Bar Gifts for Mum

Mum's heart, golden and full. Cherish her with our beloved Ella heart necklace, customizable with up to 4 names and birthstones. Fill her heart with love.

Introducing the latest gem in our Mum's collection: the Balance Necklace. Designed to carry up to 8 names engraved on individual beads, with the option to add more beads as new memories are made.

Enhance her collection with Mum's Heritage Diamond Necklace, as seen on celebrities. The perfect tribute for super mums, designed to celebrate those with one or more children.

The Bar Necklace is making it's Stylish Comeback. This timeless, versatile accessory for mums allows for the engraving of up to 4 children's names, with the option to add diamonds or birthstones for a personalized touch.

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