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Discover our collection of nan jewellery with multiple inscriptions, perfect for grandmothers to celebrate each member of their growing family.
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To the family rock, give nan the gift that represents family. From bracelets, to rings, to necklaces, from gold to silver to birthstone jewelry, customize your family’s story. Engrave the names of her children and grandchild, her loving partner, or important dates of the happiest memories, for a treasurable keepsake that she can cherish forever. Necklace with grandkids names has before the most treasured gift with grandmothers, and is top choise as Chritmas gift.

Should I add all grandchildren to a nan necklace?

Ideally, yes. But if the space doesn’t allow, try exploring a combination of her granddaughters’ and grandsons’ initials. For a more manageable number of grandkids, be sure to leave no one out. We have a variety of pendants that are designed to accommodate many inscriptions. For example, we have the Family Circle Necklace With Hanging Tree with 3 discs for a pendant, and each disk may be customized with up to 40 characters. Birthstone necklace for grandma will bring happiness as it's personalised just for her.

What birthstones should I add to a nan necklace?

To make this grandchildren birthstone necklace a significant piece that honors her presence in a family, the nan necklace should have her engraved name at the center of the design. And if so, her birthstone must have a prime spot in the pendant, too. Match the engravings of her grandkids’ names with their respective birthstones.

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