Gold Initial Necklace

It's time to be a little more than the girl next door, which means gold. Add a personal touch to your ensemble with our gold initial necklaces.
Our gold initial necklace is perfect for showing off your personality and style without looking like you're trying too hard. From birthstones to engravings, there’s a gold necklace with initial for you. Emphasize your outfit with gleaming gold, and get ready for compliments! Wear it for birthdays, casual days, or even your wedding day.

Should I get gold plated or solid gold necklace?

Gold-plated necklaces are great for those who want to rock an everyday staple but don't want to spend a lot. On the other hand, solid gold necklaces are more expensive, but they stand out more because of their incredible luster.

Can you wear your own gold initial necklace?

Yes! You can wear your own gold initial necklace. You just need to make sure it's not too heavy. Your initial and chain can be made of any metal, and the weight is up to you. If you want to keep your jewelry light, you might consider choosing a different material like silver or gold vermeil.

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