MYKA (formerly My Name Necklace) is the leading online shopping store for personalized jewelry.

Since 2007, we’ve captured over 5 million customers’ life moments, delivering meaningful jewelry to over 50 countries. Our affordable prices and free shipping, along with beautiful gift-wrapping options and stellar customer care allow us to connect with people all over the world, from all walks of life. With thousands of products available in multiple metal selections with multiple personalization options, our custom-made products continue to touch hearts and bring joy to all those who treasure them.

With our ultimate shopping experience, huge variety, shipping options, return policy and amazing customer service you can be sure it will be easy converting with MYKA.

Our website offers:
  • Over 3,500 different products
  • Price range between $30-$500 for our best-selling products
  • Jewelry for all genders and ages - fits both self-buying and gifting.
  • Free Shipping
  • 100-day domestic returns

Program Features:
  • Up to an 15% commission rate.
  • 14-Day Cookie.
  • Updated selection of creative banners.
  • The program is managed by a responsive CJ account Team.

Search Policy:
  • Affiliates may not use our trademark name, our domain name or misspellings or variations of these. Please see our Program Term for our detailed SEM policy.
  • Advertise only in the USA